Something about Adam...

I am working towards my Master Scuba Diver qualification and I would love to spend some time doing reef restoration. It has given me some pretty unique experiences like training to rescue divers at sea, becoming an emergency first responder and diving with turtles, rays and on a few occasions sharks!

Tell us about what you do at NDP

I am very lucky to have the sort of role I love at NDP. As a strategist, I work with clients to help turn their aims into digital systems. It means working with all parts of the team to come up with solutions. This can sometimes mean starting with a blank sheet and a set of outcomes, other times we are working with existing systems and thinking about how to evolve their entire digital estate to meet their goals and users’ needs.

I often get to be the first point of contact for people when they get in touch with NDP, and it is always interesting to understand how we can help. With the broad range and depth of expertise in the agency it is often all about asking the right questions so I can get the most useful answers for the client.

Finally, I regularly work with the account and project managers here to make sure we are delivering as much as we can. This could be on a project where I will make sure senior stakeholders are kept up to date, and top line strategy is being met, or helping with ideas for specific challenges or opportunities.

How do you get inspired?

There are some great people working with and in NDP, so far I have learned a lot from them and the ideas they share. I also like to attend events where you get to hear more about the state of digital and where this rapidly evolving industry is going! 

I also enjoy some of the places that are just on our doorstep like the Southbank, Royal Society of the Arts, and the British Museum. There is always something going on that gives me a fresh perspective on things, which is often where the best ideas come from.

Finally, I love to travel (and where possible get some diving in). Being out of one’s element is always a brilliant way to see the world from another perspective.

What interests you about the future of digital?

Having delivered several large scale digital transformation projects that use user centred design, the opportunities to improve how things work is massive. I am also interested in the role of digital, and digital companies, play in public life. This is balanced by thinking about the public policy responses to the way that the world is being changed by new technology.

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