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With recent restrictions changing how people engage and interact with arts and culture, we thought we'd revisit one of our projects with the British Council Georgia - the historic loan of the King David coin.

From ideation of the artefact, the physical display and the historical narrative we were able to deliver a compelling digital presence.  

Click here to see the online exhibition

As the original press release explains it:
The British Council, in partnership with the Georgian National Museum  and the British Museum,  presents the coin with the image of King David the Builder of Georgia,  the most revered King in the country's history. This is the only remaining coin with his image that was minted during his reign (1089-1125). The coin is being on loan from the British Museum and forms part of a thematic exhibition related to the King's achievements. 

At a time when the arts and culture faces unprecedented challenges, having a digital partner that understands the full picture and can deliver sensitive and innovative solutions is becoming increasingly critical, and something we'd love to work with institutions, venues and artists to achieve.

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