Understanding your project


Strategy and consultancy

Our strategy and consulting services leverage a decade of experience - delivering hundreds of digital products for clients in every sector.

Business goals and digital strategy

Our team of Digital Strategists provide planning for both new and also existing digital channels. They make sure that your digital strategy properly supports your high-level business goals.

Scope and planning

Whether working with existing requirements, or consulting with you to define your requirements from scratch, we generate a scope of works and programme plan that matches your budgets and deadlines.

User Experience (UX)

User research

Depending on your requirements, we conduct user and administrator workshops, interviews and co-creation sessions. We also review your historic site stats if you have them. This process allows us to develop a deep understanding of your users’ needs & pain points.


With the user research in place, we then work with you to create early phase 'paper' and clickable prototype. These allow you to experiment with service design and product delivery at low cost and with maximum flexibility.

Information architecture

With the general principles of the user interface established, we move on to producing wireframes that show the full layout of the product on each device - ensuring ease-of-use and also the flexibility to evolve over time.



Digital brand management

You may have brand guidelines, you may have a version of your brand guidelines specifically for digital. Either way, we make sure your brand transitions seamlessly from offline to online and from device to device - meeting all your usability and accessibility requirements.

Visual design

Our approach to developing the visual design of your product is inclusive. We start with briefings that consider brand management and how that might translate into visual design. Then, through successive iterations, we show you how that visual language flows from the brand, through mood boards, style guides and finally through to page components and finished page designs.

design boards



Application assembly

Our experienced Drupal developers rapidly assemble and configure your product using Drupal's huge suite of off-the-shelf modules. They build out the structure, functionality, user privileges and taxonomies according to the information architecture and your feature requirements.

Front-end development

We then develop the CSS and Javascript display layer of your product, with the functionality and responsiveness to ensure it works smoothly in all circumstances and on every device.

Data and content migration

In parallel with the activities above, we create the scripts and importers to move data from your legacy systems or CMS into your new product. For each content and data type, we test that we are able to perform a clean transfer, ready for a final migration when the product is complete and ready for launch.


We are as experienced at seamlessly upgrading you from older versions of Drupal to the latest - Drupal, as we are at painlessly upgrading you from non-Drupal CMS to a latest-build Drupal product.

Module development

Our back-end PHP developers are all experienced with the Drupal framework - creating secure modules that work seamlessly with the rest of your product.


Whatever the purpose of the module - custom functionality, or connection to third party systems, such as your CRM - we follow the same protocols. We start with narrative user journeys that describe the experience of the user and then create industry standard system diagrams (UML) that carefully describe how the module works 'under the hood'.


If required, our developers start with rapid prototyping sprints to explore any unknowns. Once those are complete, we proceed with creating the code and logic to deliver against the requirements of the system diagrams. For complex work, we use 'pair-programming' with two developers working side by side. Our coding standards ensure long-term maintainability of your custom code base. 

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Quality Assurance

Quality conformance

All the work we deliver to you during production - UX design, finished site ready for content and final site pre-launch - is meticulously hand-checked checked before it is released to you. As well as snagging, we ensure a perfect match from one set of deliverables to the next and also that the product fully meets your business requirements.

Automated testing

In addition to manual quality assurance during production, we build automated testing into modules we have developed and add tools such as Ghost Inspector to continue to automatically monitor product integrity after launch. These are combined with manual regression tests to provide the best possible product performance on an ongoing basis.

developer at desk

Post launch partnership

Managed Service Retainers

Our unique Managed Services come with a robust 24/7 critical service SLA and are managed by a proactive Drupal-expert team of developers, creatives, support & account managers and digital strategists. We can advise on and fully manage your hosting requirements, or work with your own hosting infrastructure.

Read all about Managed Services here

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